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About Me I'm very new to writing.I was inspired to write one day, out of the blue. Well I can tell you Who inspired me but you wouldn't believe me. But I'm trying my hand at it and this was a recommended place to start. So here I am. I look forward to reading other writer's stories also in the making.
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Re: Mobile app please
the answer is there is no answer for this one.
Re: New Horizons
Wow! You have accomplished so much and you're just out of high school! I can't believe it. Your writ...
Re: Petition to save WriteOn
Done! Thanks for putting this together.
Re: Write On by Kindle to close on March 22
I wonder how much it costs......?? I can get a domain.
Re: Write On by Kindle to close on March 22
OMG! I can't believe this! Thanks Amazon for this site. It has helped me so much. This is my site o...


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Howdy y'all!
Howdy! I'm at a new crossroad in my life so I'm brand new at this an very glad to have found this s...
Mobile app please
Please please we, at least I, really need a way to write on a mobile device. I have a Galaxy Note 4 ...
Is there anyway to mark where you left off in reading? I have 4 books I'm reading & enjoying but I d...