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I hope it's a good sign XD
Re: WriteOn is Closing — Where will we go?
I was on figment for a while maybe four years ago? Honestly the site was a mess. I left it in about ...
Re: Write On by Kindle to close on March 22
Yeah Wattpad definitely isn't a place for hard, solid feedback. It's certainly for a younger, less s...
Re: Alternative Site
I've found Critique Circle to be super helpful, but while I was there I really struggled to get into...
Re: Write On by Kindle to close on March 22
What? Noo! This is terrible news! cries Can we at least know why it's being closed? Well, I guess ...


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I need someone to interview :)
So, I have a school project that I'm doing about social media and social sites and how they affect a...
Any advice on doing revisions?
So, my thing with writing is I write the first draft without a plan. Sometimes I'll plan as I go, an...